Are you tempted to learn how to shape clay by yourself? Have you always been tempted to create with clay but haven’t taken the time yet? Would you like to start a new business in a job you really enjoy?  Would you like to drink from a cup you made by yourself? Then my clay design course is just the thing for you.


I teach a basic course and an advanced course. In the basic course we learn and practice all the stages of the process of making an object from a lump of clay to the finished glazed object. In addition, we learn and try out five different techniques for shaping the object by hand and on the pottery wheel. The advanced pottery wheel course is for those of you who would like to improve on your basic knowledge and learn these skills better. You will be given the materials and tools at the course, just bring protective wear, a sketchbook and lots of ideas. Your products can be practical or decorative, useful for the home or as a wonderful gift for friends. With the knowledge you will gain on the courses and with some practice, you will be able to go on to create your own unique products.