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I like sharing my knowledge with all of you who are interested in this work, who like to be creative, or just wish to challenge your talents. Take some time for yourself, join in a creative workshop as part of a group or as an individual, and release your inner creativity as many of my happy and proud students have already done.

Learning how to use the potter’s wheel
Learning how to use the potter’s wheel

The workshop(s) will teach you:

  • how to design ceramics
  • how to model the clay using different techniques, with your hands and on the potter’s wheel
  • how to decorate your creations
  • how to dry and fire them
  • how to glaze them

Your creations can be practical or decorative, you can use or display them at home or as beautiful presents for your friends and family. The knowledge that you acquire during the workshop(s) will enable you to create ceramics on your own and to make unique items.

Start enjoying yourself now, be creative, find yourself.

I have prepared a programme for beginners:

  • Introduction to basic techniques

You can widen your knowledge with the following two programmes:

  • Decorative techniques
  • Learning to use the potter’s wheel

Once you have learned the basics, why not advance to:

  • Hand-made ceramic spheres
  • Creating large vessels (jars, amphorae etc.)
Transforming a ball of clay…
Transforming a ball of clay…
…into a bowl
…into a bowl

Each workshop lasts 22 hours, normally consisting of a 3 hour session once a week, but more intensive workshops can be arranged at weekends. I supply all the materials and equipment - all you have to bring is an apron, artist’s pad, lots of ideas, and be ready for a fun and educational experience. My workshops have the advantage of offering an individual approach, a friendly creative atmosphere, and a tea party at the end, where you will drink tea out of the cups that you have created.

For more information, please send me a message using the contact form, phone me or write me an email, and we can arrange the details of the workshop(s) to suit your requirements. I’m looking forward to meeting and creating with you!

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