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Mojca Rabič

As long as I remember, I’ve been creative. For the last 20 years I’ve been researching the world of clay, pottery and design, first as a hobby and these last few years as a craft. During all this time I have gained knowledge while improving my techniques, expertise and design skills. The clay has become my working partner and I’m still astonished with the results of the creative process.

You start with a lump of raw wet soft clay and, with the help of your skilled hands and knowledge, it slowly changes into an object from your imagination. That difference between the raw lump and the final outcome enchants me every time and fills me with enthusiasm. The world of creativity, fantasy and inspiration is so wide and wild, and it’s also a never-ending process of learning, discovering, playing and dedicated work.

My colours
My colours

I get my inspiration from nature, from wildlife, from the nostalgia of grandmothers’ homes, from an ancient knowledge hidden inside me that guides me in how to stay modest, simple, calm and sensitive in this modern hectic world. I like birds, spirals, leaves, shells, old lace for patterns, driftwood that can be combined with objects. I make pots, cups, plates, mobiles, bells, teapots, necklaces, pendants, totems, large pots, situlae…

I am attracted to the primal, the old-fashioned, to patinas, textures, to the smell and appearance of smoke-fired clay. That’s why I prefer to use smoke-firing methods for the final look, also using an unusual dark brown clay for pots, which has a magic earthy look. For my pots and jewellery I use blue, turquoise and green because they remind me of the distant seas, adventures and foreign landscapes that I would like to visit in the future. In this future I also aim to further develop the ceramic sculpture side of my work.

It is all inside us, we merely have to stop and listen to ourselves and express that in the art that we create.

Where you can see or obtain my craftwork

My workshop here in Novo Mesto is open to all, and you are warmly welcome to visit me and see my creations in my working environment, where you can purchase my unique and authentic hand-made work for yourself, as souvenirs, presents or as business gifts. If you cannot make it here then several shops and tourist outlets sell my craftwork throughout Slovenia (see list below). I also attend various fairs during the year, I have taken part in group exhibitions, and of course my work can be posted both within and outside Slovenia.

  • Etno Galerija, Bohinj
  • Galerija Mak, Ljubljana
  • Hiša Design, Novo Mesto
  • Galerija Majolka, Kamnik
  • Prodajna galerija - Blejski otok, Bled

They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, the beauty of simplicity, natural materials, harmony of shapes and colours, the positive energy that stays within the products, made with love. When that beauty reflects in the eyes and fascination of my customers then I know that I have managed to put some life and charm into a lump of clay and give it a soul. This makes me happy.

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